Advice for Hiring Companies

The challenge of recruiting for collegiate cultures/’One-Firm’ firms

As the Pandemic receded and we started returning to work, the ‘Culture’ of a company has become foremost in employees’ minds. Having worked at home, in a less pressurised, more informal environment, and spending more time with family, employees are now as concerned with the work environment, team dynamic, and company values, if not more, as they are with career progression and salary when it comes to moving job. 

Advice for Hiring Companies

The 4 reasons why Culture-Fit is attributed to WFH success

There have been many articles published recently around a push to return to the office, based primarily on concerns by employers surrounding a decline in team spirit, productivity, social engagement, and innovation. Resume Builder surveyed 1,000 corporate decision-makers in August 2023 and reported that only 2% of companies plan to not require their employees to return in person to the office.

Advice for Job Seekers

You’ve Got (Scam) InMail

A few weeks ago, I received an InMail message on LinkedIn from an HR professional working for a $287bn aum Sovereign Wealth Fund, with an offer of introduction to the Head of HR, to develop a relationship with Godliman. Unfortunately, it turned out to be a scam – and the tip of a scamming iceberg on LinkedIn.


How to Hire More Women

Hiring more women, particularly in asset management, could be a determining factor in your company’s ability to remain relevant and competitive in the war for talent. Are you ready?

Market Information

Gender Diversity in EMEA Buy Side Sales

Godliman’s study of over 8,500 distribution professionals within the Asset Management sector across the EMEA region shows that, despite the focus on diversity hiring in recent years, women still only comprise 27% of the workforce.

Godliman News

Happy Birthday to Godliman!

On this day in 2003, Sarah Rogerson and Rupert Reed set up Godliman Partners as a values-driven Executive Search firm focusing on the Asset Management market, so Godliman is 20 years old today!


Language and Unconcious Gender Bias

I am a female headhunter, but I think I might be unconsciously gender-biased toward men!

Have I  been inadvertently using language that discourages people from recommending female candidates, or even deters female candidates from considering themselves for the role?


Job Sharing and Diversity

Are there any examples of successful Job Sharers in the Asset Management sector?  If so, I would like to hear of them.

Based on my own experience of the sector, it is very rare – particularly at a senior level:  I do not think that I have met even one person in a formal job share position.    Which is odd, when job sharing presents such a good potential option to increase diversity at senior levels.

Advice for Hiring Companies

Trigger’s Broom and the problem with Track Record

In the one of the classic scene’s from the BBC comedy series ‘Only Fools and Horses’, Trigger, a gormless and dim-witted but close friend of Del-Boy Trotter, claims that he’s had his road sweeper’s broom for 20 years.  But then he adds that the broom has had 17 new heads and 14 new handles.  “So how can it be the same bloody broom then?” asks his friend Sid.

Sometimes the same logic can apply to headhunters’ track record…

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