Best-Fit Assessment Process

Our Best-Fit Assessment process ensures an optimal fit between our client’s culture and the candidate’s values and ways of working. We use our Candidate-Culture-Assessor model to determine the best candidate fit for our client and to highlight any areas of risk.

Candidate Assessment

We approach target candidates and conduct initial assessments and personality profiling to determine if they have the right skills and fit for the client organisation.

Culture-Fit Assessment

We conduct in-depth interviews and map potential candidates against the results from our proprietary online Culture Assessor™ to determine Best-Fit. We then create a candidate shortlist for the client.

Candidate Selection

Our clients review the candidates, their Best-Fit Assessment results and conduct the interview process. The preferred candidate is selected based on both experience and capabilities and their organisational ‘Fit’.

Assessing Best-Fit

Our proprietary Best-Fit Assessment process overlays candidate and culture profile data. Together with our consultants’ in-depth referencing and qualitative assessment capabilities, we highlight any risk areas and identify the Best-Fit candidates.

The Evidence

“…it has been important to work with a firm that recognises how critical it is for us to find people, regardless of the highest technical or personal skills, that will fit with that culture and how we operate. Godliman does just that.”

Godliman demonstrated perseverance, thoughtfulness and expertise in conducting our search [for new Head of Sales function]. Though it was a new area for them, we had the utmost faith in their process and their understanding of us as a company – we knew they would deliver. Rupert is somebody we have come to trust, having placed our CIO in 2014, who has gone on to successfully build our investment capability and been a great fit culturally.

Co-Founder/CEO, Independent Wealth Manager

Our two longest-serving candidates are still in position 18 years on.

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