Case Study

Team Move

Helping a Team to move to a Trans-Atlantic platform

The Challenge

  • Godliman was approached by a franchise leader within a EMEA-headquartered Asset Manager, who wished to relocate to the US, and so had arranged an exit from his current employer.
  • He had successfully built a market-leading franchise in an Emerging Markets strategy, with a strong client following, in particular in the EMEA region.
  • Ideally, he wished to find a new position in the US, which would allow him to run a similar strategy but which also leveraged his historical client base in Europe.
  • The team leader did not know which houses might have an interest in considering his highly differentiated product as he lacked specific knowledge of firms with trans-Atlantic client bases and operations.
  • Godliman worked with him over a period of 6 months to discreetly identify potential houses which might provide a supportive platform for his franchise.

Working closely with a team leader to move his strategy to a new platform, whilst also re-assembling an International team.

“I would be extremely likely to recommend them due to their excellent communication and preparation. Candidate profiling is a real edge and will result in a better organisational fit.”

The Solution

Best-Fit Research

  • Based on our existing knowledge of the market, we were quickly able to identify two US-based firms which would be prepared to support a new Emerging Markets franchise, and which had distribution capabilities in EMEA so as to leverage the team head’s EMEA franchise.
  • Using a carefully structured process, we made initial enquiries with the CEOs within these firms and set up early interviews.
  • Both firms expressed a strong interest. However, the meeting with the second firm resulted in such a close alignment of visions and strong cultural fit, that they became the clear front runner.
  • The deal hinged on the regional CEO’s building a business case to seed two Emerging Markets funds, to help launch the new strategy.
  • The proposal was quickly signed of, giving a green light to hiring the team head and two former colleagues.
  • We also ensured legal restrictions were adhered to and that there was no breach of restrictive covenants through careful management of the process.

The Results

Within 9 months, we successfully moved a three person team to a new platform with the team head based in US, and two colleagues based in London.

If you are a franchise leader feeling dissatisfied with your current platform, please contact us for an exploratory discussion on how Godliman may be able to help.

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